Who are We?

We are couples who have a young little boy. Babibond company was established in 2017 when our baby was 2 years old. We spend many time researching product for our baby. We did research, looking at blogs, reviews from users and finally we want to make decision to purchase. However our baby had grown up to the next level, the product becomes not so useful and not suitable for him.

Our common problem is

Life is too short, Our baby grows up soooo fast and we have to move faster.

We are here to offer you, for every age and stage of a baby’s life, with quality items with best designs (at least we think 😊), and commit to bring you the best, exclusive collections that help stretching your dollar or pound! We believe that through our service, you and your lovely angels can save time and cost. Therefore, you can have better quality of time together and GROW together and make STRONGER BONDING. That’s why we set up the company as “BABY + BOND”

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