How to keep your baby warm?

When winter arrives, the very first job of parents is to keep their baby warm. But if you are experiencing parenting for the first time, then it would be quite difficult for you. So to help all the new moms, we have decided to share some tips that can keep your baby warm during the cold winters.

Room temperature

The temperature of your baby’s room should range between 16-20 degree, with 18 degrees as the perfect temperature. Your toddler will feel comfy in this temperature even if he is wearing a light dress. You can use a room thermometer to ensure the ideal room temperature.


Dressing plays an important role in keeping your baby warm throughout the night. All-in-one cotton can be a good choice for baby’s dressing that covers him from head to feet. These sleeping suits are quite handy during cold nights. You can also place a vest under your baby if his room temperature is colder. Look for the dress that has a good insulation layer and a water-repellent external fabric like fleece, fiberfill, or flannel. A soft hat and mittens can help keep your baby’s hands and head warm during the day time. Make sure your toddler is wearing very warm booties or socks when you take him outside the home.


Use layers of cotton blankets and fitted cotton sheet for keeping your toddler warm during the night. You can remove or add blankets if your toddler gets too hot or cold. On the other hand, you can select a baby sleep sack or sleeping bag. This can keep the baby fully covered despite his squirmy or wiggly in the bed. These sleeping bags keep your baby’s arms stick out, so they won’t feel swaddled. Some moms prefer choosing a sleeping bag over blankets as it is a more convenient option.

Things to avoid:

Here the key is to prevent overheating because of the risks related to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The best way is to avoid the following things:

  • Don’t place a hat on your baby while he is in bed. It’s because he loses surplus heat through the heat and covering it can cause overheating.
  • Over duvets if your baby is below one year as he can’t move it away from his face, which can cause overheating.
  • Toddlers below the age of two cannot regulate their body temperature and are not capable of shivering and sweating. This is why you shouldn’t use an electric blanket or hot water bottle in their bed during the cold winter night.
  • Keep the radiator, fire, or any type of heat source away from your baby’s sleeping place. Otherwise, it can cause a malicious burn or overheat.
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