Foods to avoid for babies

Baby feeding plays a vital role in the overall growth of your baby. Care should not only be taken for the foods that your baby should consume but you should also be careful about the foods that are considered bad for babies’ health. Your baby may develop food allergies if you fail to supervise his or her diet. Being a parent, it’s crucial to identify which foods are unsafe for babies during their growing period. Below is a list of some foods that are harmful for your baby.

  1. Honey

Honey is enriched with clostridium botulinum spores that can cause infant botulism when entered in babies’ intestines. One year old babies cannot fight this botulism and they may suffer from constipation. Therefore, avoid giving honey to your babies unless and until they reach 12 months duration.

  • Peanut butter

Intake of peanut butter can result in severe allergic reactions. Avoid giving peanut butter to your baby during their first year. Allergy test should be performed when your baby is 6 months old. If it has been found that your baby is allergic to nuts, then avoid giving peanut butter to baby.

  • Some vegetables

Some pureed and cooked vegetables have nitrates that are considered high for babies. These vegetables include spinach, beets, lettuce, fennel and collard greens. Keep your babies away from these vegetables.

  • Salt

Babies don’t require much salt. They only need less than one gram salt every day, which is already present in formula and breast milk. Kidneys of 1 year old baby are not fully developed to handle large quantities of sodium. So, avoid adding salt in baby’s food.

  • Grapes

Undoubtedly, grapes are good for children as they are enriched with nutrients. But avoid giving this fruit to infants and babies because its skin is hard to break completely. Choking hazard is also there due to the size and firmness of grapes, even when the fruit is cut in two halves.

  • Egg whites

No doubt, eggs are full of minerals, proteins and vitamins but they are not a good choice for young babies. Your baby may develop egg allergy if you start giving eggs to your baby at early age. On the other hand, egg yolks are healthy for your babies.

  • Strawberries

Strawberries are enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C. Unfortunately, this fruit is a little acidic and may have negative effect on the weak digestive system of your baby.

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