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When should parents move their toddlers to a bed from a cot, and how?

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Parenting is not an easy job. It is a full-time job with a toddler.

For a toddler, it is a big step when he or she is moved from cot to bed. Usually, when a toddler is grown a little to climb and stand up, he or she can be moved into his or her bed for sleep. There is no specific time for that as the toddlers' age 18 months to 3 years are growing up in which they crawl, sit, climb, and stand up to take their first step. Parents can move them onto the bed when they feel that their baby is a grown-up and can handle sleeping alone on the bed. The goal is to shift them from cot to bed when they can sleep comfortably. If you are not sure, then getting the advice of your health worker is always a great idea.

Considering the opinion of your health worker is great but when you move your baby from cot to bed, it is obvious that it is going to be different for him or her. There are ways by which your baby could himself or herself like falling from the bed or something like that. That is why it is necessary that you make a safe room for your baby. No matter how old he or she is, whether they are prepared to sleep on the bed or not, always use the guard rail so that they won’t fall off from the bed.

For kids, the cot is comfortable for them as long as they can adjust in it, but if you are having another baby and you need the cot then it would be a good idea to settle the existing baby on his or her bed at least six weeks before the due date. This way, you will have enough time to let the baby get used to the new sleeping bed. If you have other kids who sleep on their beds, then it will be easier for the toddlers to settle on beds because they would want to follow their elder siblings.

In parenting, it is better that you talk to your toddler about sleeping on a bed a week before you actually move on to the bed so that it won’t be a shock to them. Let them think and be reactive a little bit. Different babies have different reactions. For more excitement or better response, take them to shop for bed covers and accessories, put their favorite stuff toys around their bed or move their bed to the same spot where the cot is. You can use the old blanket or pillow on their bed if they seem too attached to the cot.

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