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What truths you should teach your son being a dad

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Dad and son’s relationship is full of love and joy. This relationship begins even before the birth of a baby. Being a young or first-time father, it gets difficult for you to interact with your son or to teach him the right things. But nothing to worry as you will learn things over time. No matter how much busy schedule you have, make sure to spend some time with your son to teach him some truths. Handling the first son can be a bit tough, but believe me, it’s not impossible. Here is a list of 4 truths that you should teach your son being a dad. Have a look.

  1. God is the only source

Human beings are born to be dependent on God. Teach your son to always trust God for all his needs. You must tell this truth to your son. Let your son know that you will not be available to him all the time. So, he must look at God who is always there to help him. So, he must look at God who is always there to help him, both financially and spiritually. Your son must have full confidence and faith that God will help him whenever you are not available.

  1. He has limitless potential

Your son will only do those things which he believes he can. So being a dad, it is your responsibility to let him recognize his status in Christ as well as the holy spirit power that exists within him and help promote limitless potential. All of us have been assigned a mission by God and we have to achieve it. Make your son kind to humanity so that he can solve their problems. He should know that God will help him achieve the set mission.

  1. Humbleness is a must

God favors the polite and defies the proud. This also goes with humans. Nobody likes an arrogant and proud individual. If your son is humble and kind, then he will continue to find favor from others. Your son must understand that getting favor from other people is necessary to proceed further in life and to achieve his goals.

  1. Women are respectable

Dads must teach their sons that women are precious and they must be treated with respect and dignity. A father can set a good example for his son. You will be surprised to know that the little eyes always watch you, whether you are talking on the phone, playing a game on mobile, or communicating with women to make your son learn these habits from you.

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