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4 Healthy Smoothies for Your Kids

blend milk mineral oatmeal smoothie strawberry vitamin yogurt

To become a mother for the first time is a blessing and mums don’t have any experience how to deal with her first baby girl or a baby boy. Mums are always conscious about their kids’ health and for this, they always search to find some new smoothie or food for their babies of different ages.

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A Guideline to Baby Feeding

cereals feeding fruit guideline meat milk nut routine schedule solid vegetable

There is a number of problems associated with baby feeding while they begin eating solid food which makes parenting a little hard for both parents. Here we have shared some common insights which can guide you on how to handle a baby when he/she start solid feeding.

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Baby Feeding Problem

allergic breastfeeding convenient feeding formula lifespan milk natural patience powdered problem upset

Babies are the best gift of God but there are so many problems associated with baby feeding which makes parenting quite hard. Here, we are going to discuss a few baby feeding problems along with their solutions so that we could help you with your full-time parenting job.

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Age-by-age Guideline for Baby Feeding

allergic bean breast cereal chair finger formula fruit guideline hungry meat milk month solid veggies weight

Feeding your baby the right thing at the right time matters a lot and if you are having your first child then you will need a proper guideline on this. Here is an age-by-age guideline for baby feeding, from the birth of your baby to 12 months.

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