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Newborn Baby Feeding and Sleep Schedule

breast feed newborn schedule

The schedule of baby feeding and sleep varies greatly depending upon their age group. For a newborn baby, you have to be more careful regarding baby feeding. A baby is known as a newborn from his/her birth until 3 months time period. Parents often face difficulty in getting all this detail, especially when they are blessed with a first baby. In order to help all those people who are looking for newborn baby feeding and sleep schedule, we are writing this article to share in-depth detail.

Newborn Baby Feeding

The feed for newborns should be chosen with great care because it forms the basis of your baby’s growth. The foremost thing that should be kept in mind is that baby needs feed very often. It’s because the size of a newborn’s belly is fairly small that’s why he/she requires to eat frequently. If you are feeding your baby with formula milk, then he/she may require to consume less often. On the other hand, if you are feeding breast milk then it will be digested quite rapidly and baby will need to eat more often.

It is quite simple to calculate the exact amount of formula milk that your baby needs. All you have to do is to apply a simple formula to get the exact figure. First of all, measure your baby’s weight. Then multiply the weight by 2.5. For example, if your baby’s weight comes out to be 10 pounds then he/she will require 25 ounces of formula milk during the whole day.

However, if we talk about breast milk then the majority of the newborns require 20-30 ounces of breast milk. As a general rule, if you are completely nursing then it’s advisable to feed on demand during the initial few weeks of birth. This will help in ensuring a well-established milk supply. In the initial 12 weeks, newborns usually have one or two 4-5 hours of sleep during night or day. On average, you have to feed your baby every 2-3 hours for maintaining your milk supply. Once the baby completes a 12-weeks time period, the sleep period increases to 5-6 hours. This time period rises up to 10-11 hours once the baby is 36 or 40 weeks old.

Newborn Sleep Schedule

During the initial 3 months of your baby’s life, the sleeping patterns will be greatly different than an adult. Your baby will sleep anytime for just 30-45 minutes or possibly 3-4 hours. You have to feed your baby between sleep. There is no fixed sleep schedule for newborns. Their circadian periods require time to fine-tune. Indeed, some babies are born with day/night confusion. It means, these newborns sleep a lot throughout the day time and frequently wake up at night.

Most of the parents find out that their babies are more sleepy during the first or second week of birth. They may have to wake their baby to feed or their baby often falls asleep during feeding, even before getting a fill. However, after 3 months time period, your baby will start waking up on his own.

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