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Improve Home Safety for your Baby

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When you are having a baby, there are so many things you need to consider. One of those concerns is home safety for your baby. Babies are naturally curious creature and they like to explore the things around them. There are so many accidents happens every year because of parent’s negligence in the home safety of a baby. Here we have shared some home safety ideas by which you can improve home safety for your baby.

Crib Safety:

  1. The first step to an infant baby’s safety is making his/her crib safe heaven. Small babies need to have a comfortable mattress that is fully fitted in the crib.
  2. Make sure the crib’s bars are not too wide, at least not more than 23/8 when you buy it. In case, you are not in a position to replace the one with wide bars, try hanging a curtain-type cloth between the bars for baby’s safety.
  3. When an infant baby starts pulling up, make sure you remove the pillows, stuffed toys, and things from his crib as he/she might try to climb his/her way out of the crib.

Bedroom Safety:

  1. After 8 months, usually, a baby starts crawling, this is the time to remove some things like mobile phone, laptop, and delicate objects like a vase, decoration pieces, books from the bedroom as your bedroom could become a minefield if your baby gets his/her hand on them.
  2. Any kind of cords including electric, curtain, and drapes should be kept out of baby’s reach as the baby could strangle him/herself accidentally with these.

Other Areas of Home:

  1. Try installing a gate at the stairs, so that your baby could not get through to off-limits areas.
  2. Use cushions around the baby, they can protect the baby from serious injury if a baby falls on them.
  3. Use child locks in all cabinets to secure the small items that may in danger the home safety of a baby.

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