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Disadvantage of Using Baby Wipes

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Disposable baby wipes are commonly used by parents all over the world. There are several uses of baby wipes, such as cleaning the hands and face of babies and also to wipe their bottoms. Recent research studies have revealed that baby wipes can cause food allergies in children and babies. Infants with gene mutations have more chances of developing food allergies. The soap contains sodium lauryl sulfate that can make skin barrier weaker. This ingredient is also present in baby wipes. The topmost layer of skin has fats that are neutralized by this ingredient. Baby wipe leaves a layer of sodium lauryl sulfate on babies’ skin that ultimately erode their skin barrier. In this way, your baby develops food allergies due to weaker skin barrier.

No doubt, baby wipes do provide ease to parents and they don’t want to live without it. These wipes can do almost everything, such as cleaning bottoms, wiping running nose, cleaning split drink, and much more. The pack of baby wipes is an essential thing for all those houses in which babies are brought up. The majority of the parents are not aware of the disadvantages of using baby wipes that’s why they keep on using them. You will be surprised to know that baby wipes also have a huge impact on the environment, such as being swallowed by animals from waste bins and clogging sewers and drains. Evidence has suggested that baby wipes also contain a preservative named methylisothiazolinone that causes a serious allergic reaction. Your baby may develop blistery red rashes when he or she comes in contact with this preservative.

Food allergies among infants and kids are much common in the United States. According to a recent survey, up to 6% of children in the U.S. are facing food allergies and presently there is no cure. All you have to do is to avoid exposure to allergens.

Some best tips for parents to avoid food allergies among babies

Keeping in view the adverse effects of baby wipes, it is essential that the parents must take some preventive measures to avoid exposing their babies to allergies.

  • The best way is to limit or avoid the usage of baby wipes that include any preservatives and soaps.
  • Soaps can harshly affect babies’ skin that’s why you must avoid using soaps for washing the skin of babies. Instead, use tap water along with a soft cloth.
  • Do wash your hands prior to picking up babies to prevent transferring likely allergens.

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