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Baby Feeding – First Finger Foods

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Baby Feeding – First Finger Foods

Finger foods are the term used for small bites of food that your baby can hold in his or her hand, and can eat easily. First finger foods are highly important for your child as it is putting him or her on a new course of life. Your baby is learning how to enjoy INDEPENDENCE!

By the time your tiny toes are almost six to eight months old, introduce him or her to finger foods.

You can also witness the changes in the behavior of your child on the feeding chair when he/she is trying to grab the spoon from you.

Here the QUESTION must be rolling in your mind that how to introduce delicious finger foods to your baby. Well, the best way is to purchase a good feeding chair with a wide tray in front of it. Place two or three pieces of finger food on it, and let your child hold the pieces. The highchair is not only safe but a comfortable option to feed your baby.

Your child may have a good appetite but keep in mind he/she does not have TEETH. Therefore, while choosing the initial finger foods, go for easy to dissolve foods. Colors and textures are the most attractive elements for your baby. Serve brightly colored and finger foods in a variety of textures.

While making the selection of the first finger foods make sure that no matter few is easy to swollen but do not cause a CHOKING HAZARD. Cut the food into tiny pieces that your baby can eat easily.

Finger Food Favorites

While it comes to few most-loved baby finger foods then, the following is a list of few noteworthy finger foods.

  • O-shaped oat cereal
  • Small pieces of toasted (lightly) bread
  • Small chunks of peach or banana
  • Tiny cubes of a tofu
  • Small chunks of cheese (soft)

In order to attract your little angel more towards the finger foods, purchase colorful bowls, spoons, and cups for him/her.

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