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Avoid Giving Fruit Juice to One Year Old Baby

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) keeps on doing research on babies and young children. Recently, AAP has revised its recommendations about the consumption of fruit juice in young kids. Previously, AAP recommended parents to avoid giving fruit juice to their babies during the first 6 months. However, this time period has now been raised to 12 months. Global obesity and dental cavities are increasing day by day. These days, people have more awareness about the causes of the dental cavity and obesity and one of its key reasons is high sugar consumption. For the past several years, fruit juices have been deemed healthy. Fruits are a compulsory part of kids’ diet and most of the parents often get confused when they learn that fruit juices are bad for their babies. Fruit juice contains high sugar content that can result in a dental cavity if consumed in excess quantity.

Whole fruit is high in fiber content and other nutrients and thus considered good for your children. Your baby stops drinking water, formula milk, and breast milk when he or she gets used to fruit juice. Formula milk and breast milk are more nutritious than juice as they contain the right nutrients. When a baby gets filled with fruit juice, then he or she may not intake sufficient nutrients or calories through formula or breast milk. The revised guideline of AAP has warned parents about fruit juices because of their minimal nutrition. Furthermore, AAP has also recommended limiting fruit juice to young children and toddlers.

Kids ranging between 1-3 years should not consume more than 4 ounces of fruit juice per day. You don’t need to give fruit juice to kids who have a balanced, healthy diet. Formula milk should be given to babies until they reach one year, after that start giving full fat cow milk to your baby.

When to Offer Fruit Juice to Children

AAP has also recommended that kids should learn about the benefits of consuming whole fruit and fiber. Offer water to your toddler rather than sweetened drinks and juices. In this way, your kid will adopt a healthy diet rather than consuming too much sweetened drinks. The risk of developing dental cavities can substantially increase if you give fruit juice to your children throughout the day. Your child will not need any dental work if you limit the fruit juice consumption.

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