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8 Ways to Improve a Baby’s Brain Power

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The brain of a baby contains 100 billion neurons at the time of birth. After birth, babygrows trillions of brain cell connections which are named neural synapses. Isn’t it impressive? Here it must be kept in mind that some of these cells can be pruned and lost during the initial years of a child if these cells are not wired together. A baby’s brain is more vulnerable and pliable as compared to a fully-grown individual. Plus, his brain has double neural connections than the adult.

The language-enriched, loving learning experiences can help make baby’s neural connections wired together. In this way, he will learn the rich language, planning, and reasoning skills. Parents can use these simple tips and interactive activities to make their baby’s brain informed for the upcoming years.

Give a good start to your baby before birth

Certain drugs can destroy a baby’s brain cells in utero and can make their behavior aggressive after birth.  Therefore, a pregnant mom should take good care of her health and avoid all kinds of drugs during this condition.

Talk to your baby

Parents should respond to their baby coos with pleased vocalizations and high-pitched voice. This kind of communication is termed parentese and the drawn-out vowels and elaborated facial expressions help your baby absorb all sounds of parental language. It must be kept in mind that a baby’s brain requires rich parental input to understand their speech and language.

Play engaging games

Activities like peekaboo, puppet playing, and patty-cake can involve and capture your baby’s attention. Use your hands to play with your babies so that they can learn about physical interaction with the world.

Be alert

Be attentive and observe your child’s favorite events or items. Do follow your baby with your stare when he points to an object. This mutual attention confirms the importance of your child’s observations and interests.

Frequently touch the baby’s body

Research studies have revealed that infants whose bodies are not touched often have a smaller brain than their normal age. So, do stroke his hair and tummy when playing, diapering, and reading.

Select interactive toys

Toys like stackable blocks or windup jack-in-the-box can promote baby learning, including if-then reasoning and cause-and-effect relationship.

Promptly respond to your baby cries

Don’t forget to soothe, cuddle, reassure, and nurture your baby whenever he cries. This will help develop positive brain integration in the limbic area that involves emotions. Cuddling, everyday interaction, and calm holding signals emotional security to a baby’s brain.

Body massage

Massage your baby’s body on a regular basis. This will reduce his stress and boost feelings of emotional security and well-being. Lovable touches can also encourage baby’s growth.

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