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8 Things to Do Before Your Baby Turns One

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Being a mother is a miracle, but it can be overwhelming for sure. There is a lot of moments where you want to savor the moment in full capacity but can’t as you’d dream of lasting’s showers, uninterrupted sleep hours, etc. Mothers get so indulge with the routine of feeding, bathing, napping, and chores that they forget about everything else. Here, we have listed a few things to do before your baby turns one. Have a look:

Enjoy that baby smell

The gentle smell of the baby’s freshness is nothing like anything else. So, enjoy that baby smell because it doesn’t last long.

Bathing with your baby

The parenting isn’t complete without bathing with your little one. Try to draw your baby a very enjoyable bath by using toys and bubbles and so many other baby accessories to make it memorable. The babies enjoy splashing in the water more than bathing so use this time as game time.

Take more and more photos and videos

Nothing lasts forever but photos are testimonials of good times. So, take more and more photos and videos of your baby. You can also choose to share an amazing picture of cute moments on Instagram or other social media accounts.

Dress them in baby clothes

Although there are a lot of cute clothes for babies including a small pair of jeans, t-shirts, and even small suits it is better that you dress them as babies with onesies and those softy shoes. Once your baby is older, he or she can wear all those jeans, suits, and t-shirts.

Don’t throw away onesies

Babies grow faster and when they learn to walk by themselves, you might want to throw away the onesies, but we recommend you don’t throw them away and use them in your child’s quilt cover and have them forever.

Make a baby book

There are a lot of baby books available in kid’s shops where you can record your baby’s milestones with pictures and some writings. Fill it up with time, don’t waste time around because it is easy to forget these things with so much responsibility. You can also make your book if you like.

Play with your baby

Babies learn through games and play. Make sure you play with the baby in a way so that he or she could learn a thing or two. Use the toys or activities your baby likes.

Get your baby familiar with nature

When your baby is under 1 year, it is better that you take him to parks and garden to familiarize himself with nature. He will be fascinated by colors, smells, and everyone else. Spread love and enjoy the moment.

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