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7 Homemade Food Recipes for One-year-old Baby

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When a baby starts eating at the age of one year, then mostly mums are confused about which food to give to their baby, which is healthy and keeps them fuller for 3-4 hours. But nothing to worry as we are here to help you regarding the best baby food. Here is a list of some homemade food recipes for your one-year-old toddler.

  1. Cereal - Cereal is one of the best and main food of every baby as it comes with different flavors and your baby will be happy to try a different taste. Cereal can be made at home without taking much time, just add the milk in it and your toddler cereal is ready. This homemade food is easy for the baby to digest and keep them fuller for 2-3 hours.
  2. Banana puree - Banana puree is one of your baby’s best homemade foods as bananas are enriched with fiber and potassium. Banana is also the very first fruit for your babies as they like its taste. Try to give the banana puree 3-4 times in the whole week because eating bananas too much can be a big cause of constipation.
  3. Baked sweet potato - Baked sweet potatoes is another perfect recipe for one-year-old kids as it has many health benefits. Sweet potatoes are enriched with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is up to the parents to give the sweet potatoes to their kids in puree or small cubes form.
  4. Vegetable soup - Vegetable soup is another easy and simple homemade recipe to feed your one-year-old toddler as it comes with the goodness of different veggies that you add in the soup. Carrot soup is considered the best for your kid’s eyes.
  5. Pulses - Pulses are filled with protein that assists in developing your baby’s muscles. You can make pulses curry along with chapatti or rice as it is totally up to you. But be careful when you give chappati to your baby. Simply cut it into small nibble size portions so that your baby can chew them well.
  6. Oat - Oats is another amazing food for your baby and you can give it to your baby in the morning by adding little honey and a pinch of cinnamon in it for a sweet flavor. Mother can make it any time whenever her baby becomes hungry. For more than 12 months’ baby, you can add any fruit which your baby likes the most, for example, banana, strawberry, berries, apple, etc.
  7. Avocado puree - The avocado puree is the best for your kids’ physical and brain development. The avocado is loaded with fiber, iron, folate, Vitamin E, and potassium. You can mash the avocado and mix any milk which your baby likes the most.

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