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7 Helpful Parenting Hacks for Newborns

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Undoubtedly, it is not easy to stay with your newborn at home the whole day. It’s quite difficult to amuse your baby. They feed continuously and poop a lot at any time. Furthermore, they also sleep a lot. Parents may often face sleep deprivation and may not get enough time to perform their routine tasks. So, you have to learn about some parenting hacks to make your life easier.

  1. Trim baby’s nails during napping

Try to trim your babies’ nails during napping. You can also trim their tiny nails when they are fast asleep. In this way, they will not feel any pain and you can cut their nails without any hassle.

  1. Don’t worry about baby clothes

As already mentioned, newborns sleep a lot therefore there is no need to dress him/her in a three piece suit along with matching shoes. Newborn babies need comfort and too much dressing can make them feel uncomfortable. They may even spit up and pee on their clothes. So it’s better to keep your baby in a babygrow.

  1. Spend some time outside home

You don’t need to spend whole day at home as fresh air is also necessary for you and your baby. Take your baby outside home even when it’s cold and raining outside. Your newborn will enjoy viewing new scenes. You will also get some human interaction during this short trip.

  1. Get baby clothes from secondhand store

Babies grow at a much faster pace and sometimes they could not even wear the lovely dresses your family members and friends give them. Most of the parents often donate unused dresses to secondhand stores. It means you can get those outfits at affordable prices.

  1. Purchase a sling

Imagine carrying accessories, handbag and other things along with your baby. Sounds stuff? Well, there is no need to worry as you can purchase a sling for your baby. Simply hang up your baby against your chest and keep doing your routine tasks without any difficulty.

  1. Give medicine by using bottle teat

It is one of the most difficult tasks to give medicine to your baby. But worry not as you can utilize a bottle teat for this purpose. In this way, you can avoid medicine wastage and mess.

  1. Talk a lot

It’s important to talk with your baby when you are a mother. Your baby must learn about the local language and that can only be possible if he or she listens to you. You can also talk to your mum, your best friend and your partner to help your baby learn language.

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