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6 Ways to Protect your Baby against Mosquitoes

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Mosquito is dangerous for all human beings, especially for infants and kids. One mosquito bite can cause many diseases like zika virus, dengue, yellow fever, malaria, chikungunya, west nile virus and many more. It is up to mum how she protects her newborn baby from mosquitoes. For those who are new in motherhood, they should know some ways to protect their babies against mosquitoes.

Some of these ways that fight against mosquitoes are given below:

  • Use nets and screens

The effective and simple method to keep your baby away from any mosquito bite is to use nets and screens when your baby is playing or sleeping. Keep your infant baby carrier, stroller, pram, or cot covered with screens and nets all time.

  • Use mosquito repellent

Again it depends on mothers to use those repellents which are chemical-free. For small babies, chemicals are considered dangerous and unsafe. Try to avoid mosquito repellent for babies under 4-5 months.

  • Avoid scented products

Mosquito attracts to smell of many scented products like sprays, perfumes, baby powder, soap, and shampoo. Refrain your babies from all these products and use naturally scented products as another alternative.

  • Use mosquito patches

Repellants are best for your babies of all ages but not for under 5-months of babies. If any mosquito bites on your baby’s leg or hand, then his or her body gets rashes and irritation. To avoid mosquito bites, use mosquitoes patches that are easily available in baby shops. These patches are accessible in both vibrant and bright colors.

  • Wear a neutral color

Always dress up your kids with neutral colors as the eyesight of mosquitoes is poor and they always target those human beings who prefer to wear bright and dark colors. Also, do cover your babies’ hands and legs when going outside from your home or when you sit in gardens and parks along with your young ones. Long sleeves clothes and socks are best attires for your babies to protect from mosquito bites.

  • Avoid home remedies

Mostly mums apply home remedies for their babies who are under one year. Some of the ingredients that are used in these natural remedies do not suit your babies and when you give any of them, your baby becomes ill. So, it is better to avoid natural remedies.

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