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6 Things to do for Baby's Care

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Babies are such a blessing of God and there are so many things that need to be done for baby’s ultimate care. That includes baby’s feeding, health maintenance, home safety, and of course a great level of parenting. We have collected a few things you can do for baby’s care.

Home Safety:

Home safety is an important matter in parenting. From the baby’s crib to the whole house, it should be protective and livable for the baby. Make sure there are not any objects which may cause an accident. Remove any hanging cords around the baby for home safety. Keep things in drawers that are out of reach of kids. Try to lock the window’s lower part and put bars on every window.


Feeding is one of the genuine challenging tasks in parenting. When a baby is born he may not know how to respond and he is gonna cry every time he wants something. It is actually their way of communication so don’t get upset and try formula feeding through bottles. You will know your baby’s health through the weight he/she will put on.


A baby’s skin is so soft and delicate that a little hard touch can rough him/her up. Make sure you hold your baby in a gentle way. Try to do his/her hair combing in a gentle way.


Use a sponge bath whenever you need it while the baby is so small. Their skin might get dry too but it is natural for them.


Keep your baby safe from infection by not letting other people touch your baby often. If they wanna touch ask them to touch his feet instead of face and hands with clean hands.


Babies sleep a lot in their early days. They do sleep every 2 to 3 hours after getting their feed. This is normal and it gets better with time in parenting too.

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