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6 Things Every Dad Should Teach His Son

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The relationship between dad and son is one of the most beautiful and strongest. Being a father is kind of a blessing. Besides being thankful to God, dad must also be responsible for his son’s behavior. So, it is essential for a father to teach some basic things to his son to make him a responsible and hardworking gentleman. Let’s have a look at 6 things every dad should teach his son.

  1. Behave like a gentleman

Teach your son to behave like a gentleman. Your son must know the importance of a firm handshake along with eye to eye contact with the other individual. Teach him to open a vehicle door for a lady, carry a bulky bag for her, and keep standing at the table until she is seated. All these behaviors reflect honor, respect, and dignity.

  1. Respect your parents

Your son must give honor to you and your wife, not because of your performance in his life, but because of your position as his parents. A son must be polite and humble with his parents and that can be best taught by his dad.

  1. Respect every woman

Besides showing respect to mother, your son must also give respect to all women around him. No matter whether that woman is a maid or nurse as every woman deserves respect. Your son must understand that a woman’s feeling is different from man’s feeling and she thinks in a special way.

  1. Take responsibility

Your son must take responsibility by remaining committed to his words. Teach him to do whatever he has promised and done it right with excellence. If in case he doesn’t do it the right way, then he must own it. He must apologize at once without justifications and do it the right way thereafter.

  1. Love others

It is our external duty to love others. Love is about giving sacrificially and selflessly to others. Being a dad, it is your responsibility to teach your son to love others no matter whether he/she is a sanitary worker, driver, or maid.

  1. Work hard

All of you must be aware of the fact that hard work pays off. All of us are created to work, so we must work because it is good for us. Work is essential to lead a productive and fruitful life. It also teaches self- discipline and is considered healthy for the human body and mind. Therefore, you must teach your son to work hard to lead a healthy and productive life.

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