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6 Activities to Boost Baby’s Mental Health

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New parents desire to give the best start to their baby and stimulating his brain can play an important role in this regard. This task may seem complicated, but believe me, it’s not that difficult. All you need to do is to adopt some brain-boosting activities to enhance your baby’s mental health. In this article, we will share some activities that will develop your baby’s brain at an early stage.


Breastfeeding can create great bonding between you and your baby. A baby can closely look at his mother’s face while feeding and the mother can also observe his facial expressions. Both can respond to each other’s facial expressions. Mother should repeat her baby’s coos and try to hold a conversation.

Changing diaper

You should not avoid changing your baby’s diaper because it’s a perfect time to communicate with him. Talk with him and wait for his response. You can sing a specific song while changing a diaper and your baby will start recognizing it.

Bath time

Bath time is often regarded as the best science and math time for a baby. Little ones like to transfer water from one tub to another. During this activity, he will learn about the working of gravity and change in water volume. You can also interact with your baby during bath time.

Going for a walk

Your baby can observe many things when you take him for a walk. You can point out different things with their name such as a tree, car, cycle, birds, etc. This will help develop your baby’s language and will also boost brain development.


Most of the babies love to drop their spoon, bowl, or cup on the floor during their mealtime. They find it funny to see what happens when they drop such items. This helps them learn about object durability. A baby also learns to pick up these things and this activity develops their motor skills. During this time, you can teach some new concepts to your baby like the difference between cold and hot, and different textures or shapes.


Most of the parents prefer ending the day with a bedtime story. Storing telling is one of the best brain-boosting activities for a toddler. You can also point at the pictures of a storybook if your baby is not big enough to understand your language. It would not be wrong to say that bedtime is a great bonding time between parents and toddlers. Babies can learn the best when they have a secure affection, so try to spend maximum time with them at night. Your baby can have a calm sleep when you accompany them and he will wake refreshed the next morning.

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