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4 Best indoor games for babies

balance beam game indoor leader moral pictionary puzzle teach value

Indoor games help us in teaching our children and reducing their stress. These games are the source of fun for our babies along with teaching them some values and morals. Games help the babies in getting indulge in healthy activities along with reducing their boredom. Parents are unable to let their children go out in scorching heat, extreme cold, and dusty areas. Therefore, the consideration of an outdoor game is reduced. Indoor games are not necessarily associated with the use of technology. You can consider various brain games to enhance your child’s development. Here are some of the best indoor games that you should definitely consider for your babies;

  • Balancing beam: This is a healthy and easy activity that can help your toddlers in attaining balance and improving their ability to walk properly. All you need for this indoor activity is colored tap and flat floor space. Stick the colored tapes on the floor. Each colored tape is associated with a different rule. For example, you can ask your children to walk backward on the blue colored tape. The child can walk on a single tape on a time. If he falls out of it, he will lose a point. Similarly, the child following all the rules will win the game. It is recommended to change the rules to make the game more interesting.
  • Pictionary: Pictionary is another fun game that enhances the learning ability of your child. In this game, one person draws an image and the other one indicates the name of the thing drawn. All you need for this game is paper and a pencil. In order to play this game, ask your child to draw something on the board for you to guess it. Similarly, you will draw something for him to guess. This will help him in learning new words and things. You can even play this game in groups.
  • Follow the leader: If there are too many kids around you, this can be one of the easiest ways to control them. All you need for this game is a list of simple activities and a good indoor space to play. You can give them physical activities, puzzles, or gestures to follow. Basically, you are the leader who will ask them to follow any activity. You can ask them to do several activities such as dancing, singing, jumping, and mimicking someone. This game is the perfect way to indulge your children in healthy activities.
  • Puzzles: Puzzles can help your children in improving their mental capabilities. All you need is different words or picture puzzles. For toddlers, you can try 3d Puzzle toys. This will surely help them in learning new things. Keep a variety of puzzles at your home to reduce the chance of boredom for your baby.

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