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11 Teething Symptoms and 5 Remedies For Your Baby

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Teething is a process by which the teeth of a baby break or erupt through the gums. This process usually occurs between the age group of 6-24 months. Teething is often associated with pain and discomfort that’s why parents must have knowledge about its symptoms and remedies.

The following are some of the common symptoms of teething.

  1. Increased drooling and saliva
  2. Fussiness, particularly at night
  3. Restlessness or reduced sleeping because of gum ache
  4. Ear pulling
  5. Refusal of foodstuff
  6. Red, puffy gums
  7. Bringing hand to the mouth
  8. Rubbing the ear or cheek
  9. Moodiness and general irritability
  10. Running nose
  11. Mild rash near the mouth because of skin irritation

5 Natural Remedies for Teething

Is your baby suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms? Do you want to know about the natural remedies to treat teething symptoms? If your answer is yes, then you will be glad to learn about the following teething remedies.

  1. Easy-to-chew, Cold Veggies and Fruits

Give your baby soft, cold veggies and fruits to suck on or gnaw to keep them comfortable and hydrated. You can also use the following ingredients to make baby food.

  • Cold yogurt
  • Cold cucumber, avocado, carrots, or celery
  • Frozen pineapple or banana
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    1. Amber Teething Necklaces

    These necklaces are created from Baltic amber and are worn around the neck of the baby to decrease pain and soreness. This necklace contains succinic acid as the main ingredient. When the skin of baby rubs against amber necklace, then a small quantity of its oil soaks into his/her skin that helps decrease inflammation and thus discomfort.

    1. Essential Oils

    Some essential oils are really helpful to keep your baby peaceful whereas others are useful for decreasing inflammation and relieving pain. To keep your baby relax when they are feeling uneasy, try diffusing vanilla or chamomile oil or lavender essential oil in their living room.

    1. Touch and Gently Massage

    Your baby will feel relaxed if you touch or massage gently. Lightly massage their ears, gums, and cheeks to soothe your baby. Try to distract your baby with games, objects, or toys. You can rub your baby’s back to ease the teething ache. Clove oil is best for massaging as it has anesthetic property and help lessen pain.

    1. Ice Towel

    Wrap few ice cubes in a hygienic towel and put a knot on its opening. Give the ice towel to your baby to suck on. It will numb some ache and decrease inflammation.

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