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10 Ways to Relieve Baby’s Constipation


Constipation is a curable and common illness among babies of different ages. Your baby may feel pain and look uncomfortable during constipation. It is difficult for those parents who become parents the first time as they don’t know what is happening with the kids and they visit to doctor. Mostly mums must know how to overcome this problem at home. Here is a list of some ways to relieve your baby’s constipation at home.

  1. It is up to the mother to give more and more water to her baby if she feels that her baby has a constipation problem. Water helps the baby to bowel flush easily if mum gives little water after feeding. Do not give cold drinks to your babies.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly around the anal area of the baby so that his/her stool can easily pass.
  3. Add 2-3 drops of olive oil in babies’ milk water every day.
  4. Constipation usually arises when you start giving solid foods to your babies. Cereals are the most common cause of it. You must be kept in mind that any new food can also trigger constipation. Simply avoid that food whenever your baby suffers from it.
  5. Hold your baby in the upward direction and massage his/her lower back while the baby strains. It can help reduce discomfort and improve constipation.
  6. Give fiber-enriched foods to your babies such as bananas, carrots, peaches, rice cereals, cheese, prunes, plums, and apricot. All these foods are helpful in avoiding constipation.
  7. Change the brand of formula milk if you are relying on formula feeding. All babies react in a different way towards the ingredients of the formula. Therefore, you must try different brands in order to find the best product for your baby. Look for a formula with low lactose content so that your baby can tolerate it.
  8. Massage the tummy of your baby in a clockwise direction. You can use mustard oil for this purpose. Massage arouses bowels and helps pass the stool easily.
  9. A warm water bath can soothe your baby as it helps relax his/her body.
  10. Prune juice offers a natural laxative effect. Apple, grape, and pear juices also work great for relieving minor constipation. Always dilute the fruit juice by using freshwater.

Final Verdict

Do follow these natural ways if you want to relieve babies’ constipation. Apply them regularly so that your baby can get well soon.

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