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10 Learning Activities for Toddlers

ball block building color finger obstacle paint plant shape tracing

Toddlers between the ages of one and three years are likely to absorb new things. This age is often regarding as the learning age of a baby. First of all, they start playing side by side and then move towards the more engaging activities where they interact with others and absorb information. Thus, the right game can enhance your baby’s cognitive emotions and physical skills. So today, we have decided to share the best learning games for toddlers.

Building blocks

This game can help teach numbers and letters to your kid. Give some colorful blocks to your toddler that are labeled with numbers or alphabets. Then ask your baby to stack these blocks in some specific sequence such as the name of a bird, animal, etc.

Object line tracing

You can help prepare your toddler for writing later on with the help of this game. Simply place some objects (bottle cap, scale, toys, pen, etc.) on a white paper and cheer your toddler to draw lines around them with crayons and chalk.

Obstacle course

This activity can promote eye-hand coordination in your child. Use your baby’s toys to build an obstacle course and encourage her to find her favorite toys through it.

Count everything

If you want to improve your baby’s counting and cognitive skills, then this activity is perfect.  Here you can use your household items. Stack items in a row and count loudly while pointing at each item.

Colorful balls

Kids love to kick, throw, and roll balls. So, you can buy colorful balls for your toddler and let her play. Prefer using soft, plastic balls so that your baby can easily play with them.

Color sorting

This activity assists your baby to develop the difference in colors as they love colors. Parents should collect different colors of items such as lego pieces, woodblocks, cars, magnet, blocks, etc and then promote their toddlers to categorize these items by their colors.


Playdough is another versatile activity for the baby as it helps your kids to make various patterns and shapes. It helps your kids’ eye-hand coordination and motor skills.

Watering plants

Toddlers love to play with water and this activity will help in developing cognitive and sensory skills. Parents tell their kids how to pour water in the plants by giving them a small can/bottle which is full of water.

On and off

On and off is another easy activity for fascinating your toddler. Always help your baby to reach towards switchboard and allow them to turn it off and on. Say this word off and on while doing this activity.

Finger painting

Finger painting is another fun and best activity for your baby. On the table, place a small piece of paper and painting cups of few colors. Give a free hand to your kid to use any color paint on the paper. Do remember one thing that when you are planning this activity for your baby, then dress them in old apparel.

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