Activities to raise a smart baby

Baby experts believe that the initial years of an infant’s life are crucial for learning. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the first few years of their baby’s life. You may not be aware of the ways to make your infant smarter if you are experiencing parenting for the first time. But nothing to worry as today we will share some scientific and fun activities with you.

Eye contact

Eyes of newborns are rarely found open because they usually sleep for 14-15 hours a day. So when your baby opens his eyes, then try to make eye contact. This will help your baby to recognize your face in his initial months. This will also build his memories at times when he gazes at you.

Pull out your tongue

Research studies have found that newborn babies can copy simple facial movements. So, pull out your tongue when your baby stares at you.

Sing for your baby

Try to learn several tunes to sing a short song or poem for your baby. Studies have suggested that learning math can be improved by learning music rhythms.

Tickle his body

Tickle your baby all through his body to make him laugh. It’s because laughter is the very first stage in building a good sense of humor.


Breastfeed your baby for the first few months. It’s because kids who have been breast-fed show higher IQs in school. Furthermore, nursing helps to build a bond with baby.

Spend some leisure time

Do not forget to spend some good time with your baby each day. Try sitting with your baby either on the floor or bed and have a good interaction with him. There should be no music, playful tricks, or bright lights during this leisure time. Just you and your baby.

Make yourself a playground

Don’t be shy to become a playground for your baby. Let him crawl and climb all over you. It will be fun and will not cost a single penny. Plus, it will also improve his problem-solving and coordination skills.

Narrate your views

Do take your baby outside the home either in the park, zoo, or a shopping mart. Whenever you see some animals, birds, or any other thing then don’t forget to narrate it to your baby. For example, this is a dog, the birds are singing, it’s raining, look at the tall tree, and so on. This activity will help build your baby’s vocabulary.

Play peekaboo

Your peekaboo (hide and seek) activity can be a great source of entertainment for your baby. This will help them learn that things can both appear and disappear.

Share stories

Pick one of your baby’s favorite tale and then replace the name of the main character with his name to create more excitement.

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