How To Protect Your Baby at Home?

How to Protect Your Baby at Home?

You have to view your home in an entirely different manner when a baby arrives. It must be kept in mind that kids and babies are naturally inquisitive that’s why you have look into all the positive and negative elements so that you can protect your baby from any kind of danger. In the United Kingdom, every year more than 1 million children are admitted in the hospital as a result of accidents in their homes. Majority of these kids are under the age of 5 years. Suffocation and drowning are the key reasons of serious accidents for kids between 0-5 years. On the other hand, falls or slips also form the basis of majority of the non-fatal accidents. Moreover, fire also creates a significant threat to kids below 11 years of age.

Don’t wait for a negative incident to occur and do prepare yourself to prevent all these risks. Hundreds of baby safety gadgets are available in the marketplace and you have to select the best among them. Even if your home is well-equipped, you still have to remain alert about your baby’s safety.

How to avoid baby falls?

As already discussed, falls are the main reason behind baby accidents at home. Once a baby begins crawling, parents must take extra care. Some of these precautions are listed below.

  • Fit safety gates at the entrance of off limits rooms. Also use gates at the top of stairs.
  • Never keep behind the things on stairs that can cause somebody to trip and fall. Stairs must always be carefully maintained and well-lit. Repair or remove any worn or damaged carpet. Make sure that the balustrades are robust and don’t posses any footholds.
  • Put non-slip pads beneath the mats and rugs so as to make them slip-free.
  • Attach cushioned edge-and-corner protectors to desks and coffee tables. They might not avoid a fall however they can assist in lessening an injury.

How to make patio doors and windows safe?

  • Make sure that your chains and blind cords are out of baby’s reach. This can be done by shifting cots and other equipment away from the windows. Be sure to use secured chains or cords at your home.
  • Always use the windows that open from the top rather than from the bottom.
  • Keep all those items away from the windows that may tempt your baby.

Prevent your little one from potential hazards

Keep your baby away from all sorts of potential hazards. Proper safety measures should always be taken while dropping dangerous items in the bin like batteries, plastic bags, paper clips, or other unsafe items. Keep these items away from baby’s reach.

  • Hide appliance cords and lamp behind the heavy furniture or cover them with special flex-holder tool. Big size lamps may fall off if baby pulls them so fasten them securely behind furniture.
  • Keep all the toxic substances in a safe place.
  • Store first-aid materials in locked cupboard.

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