A Guideline to Baby Feeding

A Guideline to Baby Feeding

In earlier months, a baby only takes breastfeeding or formula milk via bottles usually. But when he/she starts taking solid food in 4 to 6 month periods then feeding becomes a difficult task. You see, feeding him/her through breasts or bottle was easier than feeding him/her a solid food. There are number of problems associated with baby feeding while they begin eating solid food which makes parenting a little hard for both parents. Here we have shared some common insights which can guide you how to handle a baby when he/she start solid feeding.

When to Start Solid Feeding:

Different researches have shown that parents should start giving solid food to their babies when they are in the age of 4-5 months.  The signs of taking solid food should be like these:

  1. Babies could sit up on their own to hold their head upright.
  2. They should be able to feel the taste on their tongue like they could push the food away what they don’t like.
  3. You feel a baby is still hungry after having milk many times a day.
  4. He/she is curious while he/she sees you eating anything.

Solid Feeding Schedule and Routine:

It is necessary that parents keep a schedule to feed the baby with solid food. Try 2 tablespoons to 4 tablespoons of solid food like cereals, vegetables, and meat with food flavors twice or thrice in one day and keep the same hours next day. It will develop some discipline in their feeding lifestyle. But we suggest don’t use any heavy food like nuts, cow’s milk, and fruits like grapes etc.

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