Common Q&A for New Parents #02

How to take care of your baby during bottle feeding?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), breast-feeding is highly recommended for the infants for a period of about six months, since they are rich in nutrients. However, it might not be feasible for all mothers to stick to breast-feeding due to lack of breast milk. In such cases, they may feed the baby using a bottle.

How to feed the baby using a bottle?

It is a process of supplying infant formula to the child through bottle. Latching is one of the major issues faced by a child. During this period, the child will find it difficult to master the rhythm of sucking milk from a bottle when compared to breasts. But there are certain tips to tackle this problem, which are as follows:

  1. Hold your child in an accurate position:-

To ensure a semi-upright posture, raise the head of the child and hold the bottle to properly feed your child. It is not advisable to supply milk when a child is laying down on a bed.

  1. You may consider placing the child with head positioned on the knees and feet against the belly. Ensure there is sufficient eye contact while managing your new born.
  1. Hold the bottle in a slanting position until teat is filled with milk. It is very essential to block accumulation of gas in the stomach.
  1. Consider placing a pillow beneath your child’s head. Most of the new born prefer to be fed while laying on a soft pillow.

What are the advantages of parenting?

  • A decent and fair parenting is regarded as one of the key elements behind raising a child towards positive way of life. Mutual interaction with them and proper guidance enables them to become more independent and self-reliant.
  • One of the best ways to raise your child is by expressing love and affection. A parent should try to figure out their values, feelings and point of view.
  • A positive parenting involves paying close attention to their likes and dislikes. Try to make them feel special while bringing up your kid.

Some of the home protection products introduced to ensure safety of your kid are as follows:

  1. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout:-

It is a type of home protection product which is installed in the bath tub. It comes with an adjustable fin containing soft-cushion. The tail of the bath spout resembles a hook which fits in even after bathing.

  1. Pinch Guard:-

It is yet another home protection product which prevents your child’s fingers from smashing during opening, closing and slamming doors. It is a durable product which is manufactured at China.

  1. Kid Co Universal Outlet Cover:-

It is a safety product which protects your kid from any sorts of electrocution. They usually come with a package of three and can be even used as a permanent cover to decorate your hall. It is very to install and detach whenever required.

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