Common Q&A for New Parents #01

What is meant by Dream feeding and parenting skills?

Most of the parents might not be quite familiar with the term ‘Dream feeding’. It is a process in which a baby is fed while fallen asleep. It can be executed even while the baby is depended upon either breast or bottle. A new born is slowly and steadily raised from the bed and gently placed in arms without breaking their nap.

How to feed a new born when they have fallen asleep?

Most of the babies have mastered the rhythm of sucking the milk especially when they are in sleep mode whereas some do not.

What are similarities between a ‘Breast and bottle feeding’?

A vast number of health organizations recommend breastfeed since it is very effective in safeguarding the baby from infections, allergies and chronic illness. They stated that babies should be breastfed for a period of at least six months. It is also advisable if it exceeds more than twelve months which is purely based on decision of the parents.

However, experts hold the view that even though breastfeed contains essential nutrients. It might not be suitable for all women. In such cases, they may resort to bottle-feed since it is more comfortable. It is an alternative method of feeding their babies. It does contain adequate quantity of nutrients required to enhance the growth of a new born.

Breastfed babies are less susceptible to ear infections and chronic diseases such as diarrhea and meningitis. Apart from that, it will defend the new born against diabetes, obesity and even Sudden Infant Death Syndromes (SIDS).

What is meant by the term parenting skills?

The term ‘parenting skills’ refers to means by which a parent is able to withstand and manage overall behavior of a child such as maintaining discipline. Apart from that, parents should have possessed adequate teaching skills in order to impart education to their children. It is suggested to spend some time with your child and respond to their questions

The concept of home protection

It is estimated that majority of the children aged below five years residing in United Kingdom are involved in home accidents each year. Fatal accidents such as drowning and suffocations are the major factors behind the cause of death. It is highly recommended to keep your child away from dangers lurking in your home. Therefore, adequate home protection is very essential.

Home protection comprises of childproofing gadgets which is capable of providing instant alert to the home owners. For example, installing safety gates prevents your baby from unnecessary falling. In addition, you have to make sure that the stair-cases contains sufficient lighting and well-maintained.

Ensure that your replace any sorts of worn or damaged floor mats and carpets. Also keep an eye on the balustrades. It should be strong enough to prevent falling. You may also consider placing non-slip mats beneath the rugs. The edges of coffee-chairs and dining tables should be properly covered with a soft cushion cover to block head injury.


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