Common Causes of Cough among Babies and Infants

Common Causes of Cough among Babies and Infants

Becoming a mother first time is really challenging for both baby and mum. A mother has to be careful, especially in cold weather. Less than 3 years of babies are too much sensitive and they often suffer from cough, flu or infection in their chests. No need to panic and try to avoid all those things that are the main causes of cough. Have a look at some causes of cough that are found in infants and babies.

  1. Cold Weather

Your baby can be caught by flu or cough, especially in cold weather and it is quite difficult for those parents who became parent first time. Mothers can identify this problem through different signs, which includes high temperature, runny nose, sneeze, cough, quick breath and so on. If you see any of these signs in babies, do consult your doctor as early as possible to get a quick relief.

  1. Sinusitis

Sinusitis is another cause that is found in babies of different age groups. If your baby is facing prolonged coughing, then your baby has sinusitis problem. Your child feels much irritation because this disease has a direct communication with different organs such as throat, nose and ears. A hot steam bath is perfect solution for this problem and go to doctor for your kids’ checkup as well.

  1. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a severe problem that is found is infants and small babies who are less than 3-4 years. Signs of pneumonia are nausea, runny nose, cough, fever, hoarseness and sore back. For this you have to take your baby to doctor. Mothers must prevent their kids from stormy and breeze wind. Keep them cover with warm clothes, caps and gloves when going outside home.

  1. Swallowing Lungs or Throats

Babies and infants with cough and flu that lasts for many weeks without any signs of runny nose, weather change, fever, allergic or illness may have swallowed lungs or throat. It is due to babies bad habit to put their toys in their mouths that often result in swallowing, which leads to some respiratory infections.

  1. Asthma

Asthma is found in small kids and this is very hard to diagnose and in start parents also don’t know that their children has asthma problem. Wheezing cough and pain during breathing are main symptoms of asthma. Asthma becomes severe when your baby is doing any physical activity or even playing outside home. Parents should consult doctor and treat them according with direction given by doctor.

  1. Environmental Pollution

Harmful substances and bacteria are found in environmental pollution, which easily enter the respiratory system of babies. Do keep your babies protected from the harmful effects of pollution.

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