Baby Feeding Schedule

When should I Feed Breast Milk, Formula milk, Solid food?

Baby feeding schedule is one common question for new parents. The small baby are not physically ready for soild foods before 4 months. Formula or breast milk is recommended. However, cow’s milk is not encouraged because the digesting system is not good enough for digesting before 1 year-old.

After 4 months, gradually feeding pureed food with single ingredient to reduce the risk of food allergies. Babies love to try new stuff but a mixed new dish is not good for them. You can try feeding pureed carrots, potato, pumpkin and fruits such as apple and pears. However, those solid food can only act as supplements and should not rely only on them. Breast or formula milk is the key part of babies nutrition in their first year. If it is possible, breast milk feeding is still the best compare to formula milk. On one hand it mentally strengthen the relation between mons and baby and on the other hand breast milk provides more antibodies which physically make your baby stronger.

After 6 months, try feeding yogurt and mashed foods. As they can gradully hold the food by themselves, finger foods such as small pieces of ripe banana and hardboiled carrots are excellent toy food for them. Let them play with the food would be a good training for their small muscles. Remember: introducing one new food in a time. 

After 9 months, chopped small food can be introduced. Scrambled egg yolk, chicken cut into small pieces and cheese are examples. During this period, as the baby can well control their head and their body, you can let him sitting on high chair and eat together at the table. You can see my other page considering the how to feed solid food.

After 12 months, babies should be able to eat independently and small bite size food can be eaten comfortably. Our tips is that, keep all food in low taste:-

Low Salt, low Sugar and Most Importantly – Prevent Eating Outside.

Nowadays toddlers are too smart that they do not want healthy food anymore once they had tried the taste outside. Here is the general baby feeding schedule, please leave a message if you need further assist.