How To Feed Solid

Baby feeding guide to parents who wanted to feed their toddlers with nutritive solid food

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Feed Schedule

Introduction to the newborn feeding schedule to solid feed schedule. Which area parents should pay attention on.

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Improve Home Safety

Safe home environment is the best place for your small angel.

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What is the Most Important Baby Feeding Tips?

The Most important baby feeding guide is :

  1. Be Patience!
  2. Be Patience!
  3. Be Patience!

Remember that parents are the First and the Best teachers of your baby. What you behave will actually affect the growth of your children. Do not lose temper in front of your small baby because everything the parents did, babies learn and do the same. You may fall into the vicious cycle once after that. Be Positive and say good words to your little angels.

What is the Solid Feeding Schedule for a Newborn?

Never feeding solid food below 3 months. A detailed schedule is presented in my other page.

What We can Learn from Peppa Pig?

Peppa did a good job when feeding Alexander who was a little baby (1:42). See what have she done?

Peppa learned so fast that she can feed the little boy with the tips given by her aunty:

  1. Be attractive – Feeding is fun! We have to let baby love eating. Maybe telling a story, pretending the spoon is an aeroplane and make some fun noise may help catching their attention. Other than that, a colourful and tasty meal can help.
  2. Fixed Location – Babies feel comfortable when eating at the same place and they know it is time for eating when they are there.
  3. No Distraction – Although digital pacifiers are attractive to your baby, it is not recommended to feed besides television and any other distractions. Once started, you cannot return. We all know that those distractions are bad during eating even for adults.

Other Tips:

Thanks Peppa for the demonstration and here are some other tips for you:

  1. Use an high chair which is easy to clean – A simple design and easy cleaning high chair will help minimize hidden dirt which is good for hygiene.
  2. Feeding near the table – when baby grow up, place them near the dining table and start eat with other family members on the same table. It helps to built bonding with other family members and they will start eat independently.
  3. Use of placemat and bowl with suction – A placemat and bowl/plate and ideally have suction at the bottom will help minimise the mess would happen when babies start feeding themselves.